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Andrea Terrell

Co-Founder & CEO

Andrea is a solutions-oriented HR professional with strong business acumen across a variety of industries. She has a keen eye for identifying opportunities that will positively impact the bottom line. She values being a trusted business partner and strategic advisor to executives and drives excellence through her commitment to execution. Her deep understanding of organizational design, payroll management, total rewards, system implementations, process improvement, and extensive background in HR and general business practices is highly valued. Known as a dynamic and adaptable person who thrives in challenging and changing environments.

Taylor Saeley

Taylor Saeley

Co-Founder & COO

Taylor Sealey is a dedicated HR professional focused on empowering companies to cultivate top-performing teams and fostering exceptional work cultures. With a hands-on approach, she takes pride in her role as a catalyst for continuous improvement, readily rolling up her sleeves to drive positive change. Taylor's expertise spans executive advising, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, and a robust background in HR generalist practices. Her experience in guiding organizations through complex challenges equips her with a unique blend of strategic vision and practical insight. Taylor's unwavering commitment to creating impactful work environments makes her an invaluable asset for companies seeking to achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence.